Baltimore Orioles destined to get Chris Tillman back?

Chris Tillman, formerly of the Baltimore Orioles, is still a free agent. Many industry people believe that he’ll end up back in Balimore – at least for 2018. Tillman of course is coming off a rather disappointing season, but one in which he was never 100% healthy. The market hasn’t exactly developed on Tillman to this point.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be back. However the Orioles did allow him to work out and attend their annual mini-camp in Sarasota during the first week of January. I suspect that if there wasn’t a serious push to keep him in the organization they wouldn’t have done that. But who knows?

The Birds are obviously waiting as long as they can so as to avoid having to pay Tillman top dollar. The longer the wait, the more the price presumably comes down. Tillman could even end up a guy who might sign a minor league deal. That would be ideal for an Orioles team that looks for value as opposed to a big splash. Tillman on a one-year deal worth $1 million or so (maybe plus incentives) would certainly be value.

However that’s also a risky game to play. At some point someone will sign Tillman – meaning that the rug could always be yanked out from under the Orioles. It’s kind of like waiting until that optimal moment to ask someone to the prom. If you want too long, even if it’s “understood” that the person you’re asking is the person you’re asking, someone else might jump in. Not that I speak from experience there or anything…

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