Baltimore Orioles: Jarrod Dyson headed to Birdland?

Could Jarrod Dyson be the left-handed bat that the Baltimore Orioles are coveting? In recent days, the O’s have been rumored to have been talking to various players – one of which is Dyson. He’s a career .258 hitter, but he also averages 50 stolen bases a year. He’s also a career .982 fielder in the outfield.

Dyson would be a good addition, because it would also allow the Orioles to keep some of their younger outfield pups back in the minors for some extra seasoning. Speaking for myself, the stolen bases intrigues me. He’s a guy that could give the Orioles some added speed on the base paths – something they’ve lacked for years.

Furthermore, he’s got playoff experience. Now if you listen to the experts this team won’t sniff the post season. But those experts said that in 2012, 2014, and 2016 as well. Having a former World Series champion on the roster can make a world of difference.

Fans of course will remember Dyson leading the charge of chirping at the Orioles’ dugout during the 2014 ALCS while with Kansas City. Players, coaches, and fans alike didn’t appreciate that. And yes, from the perspective of this writer, it came across as juvenile. However in this era where guys change teams at will, players have to have short memories. Now certainly if Dyson’s going to join the Birds he’s going to have to understand that they don’t do things in that manner. But I have no doubt that he’d be welcomed as a brother in the clubhouse.

This isn’t a done deal, but when it is you can we’ll be on it here at The Orange Crush – and more as we hear it!

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