Baltimore Orioles: Line of equilibrium on a potential Manny Machado trade

The Baltimore Orioles have gotten numerous offers on Manny Machado. That’s nothing new. Neither is the fact that the Birds haven’t gotten an offer for anything that was remotely in the range of what they want in return for Machado. It’s no secret that the Orioles want pitching. It’s also no secret that nobody’s offering pitching.

So the O’s remain at an impasse. Arizona has remained engaged and interested in trading for Machado – but like everyone else, they haven’t been able to put together a pitching-centric package of players. However the question is where the line of justice and equilibrium lies.

There are people out there who will tell you that the Orioles are asking for too much. Maybe they are, for all I know. Backing up that point I suppose would be the fact that nobody’s offering what the Orioles want. But is that the truth, or is the truth more in the inverse view: that perhaps other teams are simply being stingy?

That’s what the Orioles need to figure out. Ideally, you want a trade to be somewhat mutually beneficial. Some may suggest that’s not necessarily the case given that you want to ensure that you win the trade. And yes, in fact you want to perhaps get somewhat the better end. However look at the trade which brought the likes of Jones and Tillman to Baltimore. It was incredibly one-sided.

That puts teams on notice that if they trade with you they might end up getting screwed over. But you also don’t want the opposite to be true; if you give up the farm for peanuts, everyone and their brother will be after your players. So when talking trades, you want to stay in that equilibrium zone. But where that is could be anyone’s guess.

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