Baltimore Orioles: Five of seven arbitration-eligible players sign

The Baltimore Orioles were very busy yesterday. Ironically, the deadline to sign arbitration-eligible players before a hearing would have in theory been scheduled was 1 PM. However that’s almost a funny-dud type of deadline. Because players and teams often don’t make it to the hearing since they usually come to an agreement well before. Or sometimes the day of the hearing.

All players that the Orioles signed were after that 1 PM deadline. But again, big deal. The first was Manny Machado, who agreed to a salary of $16 million plus incentives. Caleb Joseph signed for $1.25 million, and Tim Beckham for $3.35 million. The big name was obviously Machado…as if the situation involving him wasn’t complicated enough already.

Brad Brach agreed to a $5.165 million deal later in the afternoon. Brach you’ll remember became only the second player in Peter Angelos’ stewardship of the Orioles to beat the team in an arbitration hearing last year. It made him a folk hero of sorts in the Orioles’ clubhouse. The Birds also reached a deal with closer Zach Britton, for $12 million. However keep in mind that he may miss half the season – at least.

That leaves Jonathan Schoop, and Kevin Gausman. So they’ll have arbitration hearings scheduled, but again the sides can reach an agreement before the hearings. I’ve long said that arbitration in MLB is the stupidest process in sports. If you actually go to arbitration the team’s in essence arguing that you, their player, aren’t worth the money that you think you are. Nevertheless, five out of seven players isn’t bad. And my prediction is that neither Gausman nor Schoop ends up going to arbitration.

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