Baltimore Orioles: 2018 MLB game times announced

You know it’s a slow news day when I’m writing about what time the Baltimore Orioles are going to be playing. But nevertheless MLB released it’s entire schedule earlier this week in terms of game times. The Orioles had released the times for their home games some time ago, but now we know exactly what time they’ll be playing for all games.

There’s really nothing strange per se of which to note. Thursday April 5th they play at the NY Yankees in a game that’s to start at 6:35 as opposed to the normal 7 PM. Similarly, they play at 6:40 PM later in the month for two games at Detroit. Are teams starting to move back their start times just a bit? One day prior to that in fact the Orioles get to play the traditional Patriot’s Day game at Fenway Park in Boston. That’s an 11 AM start.

Both home and away, there are a few mid-week day games sprinkled into the schedule – including May 16th at home vs. Philadelphia. That’s a 12:35 start. I’m a proponent of mid-week day games, and I think they’re something that more teams should do more often. Obviously studies have been done so as to see when games should start so as to maximize attendance. And in most cities on the eastern seaboard I suspect that the 7 PM hour works best.

There’ll be a few games (home and away) at 4 PM on Saturdays here and there, but of course all of that depends on when the FOX window is for that given week. In fact, they’ll have a 4 PM late afternoon matinee on the Fourth of July in Philadelphia – but that’s mid-week. Get your fireworks ready.

One thing that will be just a bit different for home games this year (as has been reported in the past) is that Sunday games at Camden Yards will begin at 1 PM as opposed to 1:30 this year. It’s unclear why the Orioles made this change, but I’m all for it. Anything that moves up my arrival time at home after games is a good thing!

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