Baltimore Orioles: Does Manny Machado simply want out of Baltimore?

The Baltimore Orioles are still actively taking offers for third baseman Manny Machado. Over the weekend we heard once again that the New York Yankees had called on the Orioles regarding Machado. They’re interested – big time. However neither they nor any other team has been willing to offer the Orioles want they want and quite frankly what they deserve and need for Machado: pitching.

However that aside, there’s one part to this story that hasn’t been reported for awhile. When we first heard that the Orioles were shopping Machado (about a month ago), part of the narrative was that he wanted to play shortstop moving forward. And part of the Orioles’ methodology was that they didn’t have a need for him at shortstop, so they thought the timing might be right to trade him.

But we aren’t hearing too much about that any longer. In fact, we’re hearing about teams like New York who want him, but who do have a hole at third base. With Gregorious set as NY’s shortstop, Manny Machado would be guarding the hot corner in the Bronx if that’s where he went. Ultimately the Orioles probably don’t care too much about that, nor should they. At that point he’d be someone else’s issue if he wasn’t happy at third.

But was that either Machado’s agent or perhaps Machado himself saying that he simply wanted out of Baltimore? If that were the case, you might take a moment of pause and concern. Why would Manny Machado want out of Baltimore? By all accounts he’s never had an issue with anyone in the clubhouse, or the coaches, etc. He’s also said all the right things about the organization, and how he wouldn’t mind staying in Baltimore.

It’s hard to say, because few players are truly candid these days. Nor should they be. Most players are going to talk about what a class organization of which they’re a part and so forth, and how they really like being there. Who knows how true any of that is for any player. But one would hope that we could take Machado at his word.

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