Baltimore Orioles: Does Chris Tillman fit in 2018?

Perhaps one of the more disappointing Baltimore Orioles in 2017 was starter Chris Tillman. He finished the season with a 1-7 record and a 7.84 ERA. Tillman also didn’t participate in the first part of the season, after being sidelined in Spring Training with a shoulder issue. The question is whether or not that’s fully in the past at this point.

Tillman’s contract expired at the end of the year, so he’s a free agent. To my knowledge the market on Tillman hasn’t really been that large. So the question is whether or not the Orioles bring him back or not?

Assuming his medicals check out, and he’s willing to sign a short-term contract within the Orioles’ range, I’d give him a look. The Orioles need starters – and they need them fast. While Tillman didn’t do himself any favors in 2017, it was also evident that his injury issues lingered.

And I think that Orioles fans know what Tillman’s capable of doing. Because they’ve seen it. He had a 2.93 ERA in 2012, and a 3.34 in 2014. Those were good years for Tillman, and there’s no reason to think he can’t replicate that now – if he’s healthy.

And yes, that might be a big risk. However again, there appears to be no market on Tillman right now. Many fans would say been there, done that. But what alternatives are out there?

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