Baltimore Orioles: Anything other than pitching for Manny Machado?

We know that the Baltimore Orioles need pitching. We also know that they’re trying to deal Manny Machado. Seems simple enough, right? If a non-AL East team has pitching prospects that they’re willing to deal, they can have Machado.

The issue however is that the pitching prospects haven’t been on the offer table on the part of other teams. Now teams have thrown a few decent offers the Orioles’ way, however none of them have been for what the Birds want to get in return for Machado.

So the question is whether or not the Orioles should simple take the best offer out there and deal Machado. My stance personally is that it would be a bad idea. It would indicate that the goal is to either just get Machado off the roster (which I don’t think is the case), or that they’re willing to take anything. In essence, they’re willing to be bullied into taking whatever someone else is willing to pay.

And in sports that’s a very dangerous trend to begin. It allows opposing teams to think they can wiggle your top players away from you for peanuts. The Chicago Cubs reportedly offered the Orioles a package that included SS Addison Russell in exchange for Machado. Russell’s a good player, without a doubt. However…the Orioles don’t need a shortstop. They traded for Tim Beckham last summer.

As big a shot in the arm as Beckham was, I would submit that Russell’s a better shortstop. Beckham himself would probably agree! However there’s no point in upgrading a position that doesn’t in theory need to be upgraded, especially if it takes you away from the prize that you really want: pitching.

So again in my view the Orioles are doing the right thing by either standing pat or waiting for the right deal. This is a hall of fame caliber player in Machado with which we’re dealing; other teams should recognize that.

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