Baltimore Orioles: On the other side of the fence

Many Baltimore Orioles fans are also Baltimore Ravens fans. The O’s of course played a major role in what I still say is the greatest closing act of all time in terms of a season, back in 2011. As we know, the Orioles defeated Boston in game 162, and five minutes later Tampa defeated New York on a walk off home run. The two acts combined to keep Boston out of the post-season.

However this past Sunday Baltimore found itself on the losing end up a similar situation. The Ravens lost to Cincinnati, and Buffalo beat Miami – clinching what was previously the Ravens’ playoff spot for Buffalo. Oh how times change.

I would argue that the 2011 Orioles were better than the 2017 Bengals, but I digress. The fans of Baltimore still found themselves on the opposite end of a similar situation. I would submit that it wasn’t quite as savage as what the O’s and Rays did to the BoSox in 2011, but it’s still tough.

Interestingly enough, I would submit that the NFL has tried to take a page out of MLB’s book with the end to it’s season. In fact, MLB itself has tried to take a page out of it’s own book. The NFL forewent a Sunday nighter this past week, and in effect scheduled all games with big-time playoff implications to begin during the 4 PM hour. This guaranteed that most of them would end at the same time.

The past couple of seasons, MLB has had it’s entire slate of games on the final date of the season begin at just after 3 PM EST. Again, this all but guarantees that everything should end at around the same time (barring extra innings). And that’s what the league wants.

Again in my view, this is in response to baseball’s final day in 2011. A feat in which the Orioles played a major role. And one that will nary be forgotten anytime soon.

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