Baltimore Orioles: Boston interested in Manny Machado

Over the weekend reports emerged that the Baltimore Orioles had continued interest from Boston regarding Manny Machado. And that in and of itself is interesting. Multiple people around baseball have suggested that there would be some response from Boston after New York acquired Stanton from Miami – might Manny Machado be that response?

I’ve said before that it’s a bad idea to trade within the division. Of course various people who think it’s fashionable to go against-the-grain in anything and everything wonder why. The answer should be obvious, but the fact is that teams don’t make trades to help another club improve itself. Boston wants Machado because he would in theory make them better.

Obviously however, it’s not that one-sided. If the Orioles were going to listen to trade offers from a division rival, it would have to include a huge haul – heavy on pitching at that. So Boston would deal with the Orioles for a price. Again though, not a good idea to deal within the division.

Then there’s also the matter of Machado not being a huge fan of the Boston organization given the situation with them throwing at him after a takeout slide involving Pedroia on the base paths. Machado didn’t mince words about how he felt about the situation. However if the Orioles had a deal in place to send Machado to Boston, there would be little he could do about it. He doesn’t have a no-trade clause.

Again if the Orioles were seriously going to listen to an offer from a division rival, the return would have to include pitching. And the tug-of-war since the winter meetings has been that nobody wants to give up anything of value in that department for what amounts to one year of Manny Machado. But for the Red Sox or anyone else, could the Orioles not pull off a sign-and-trade?

That’s another column for another day – perhaps tomorrow or the next day! However the fact is that Boston’s showed a continued interest. I do believe that the Orioles need to play it safe here and ensure that a division rival doesn’t have Manny fall into their laps. On the flip side however, if you had the opportunity to gut the farm system of a division rival, do you not take that chance?

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