Baltimore Orioles: Minicamp, January 8th

The first big event of the year for the Baltimore Orioles is the team’s annual minicamp in Sarasota. This year (or I suppose at this time I should still say next yearBuck Showalter and company will hold the minicamp the week of January 8th at Ed Smith Stadium. Speaking of which, Florida…too bad I left it yesterday and am now back in this winter nightmareland. (Sorry folks, not a fan of winter time!)

I suspect that this year’s minicamp will take on a much more important role, as the Orioles have holes to fill in the lineup. Not only on the mound, but across the board. The Orioles need to figure out who’s going to be starting in the outfield. And where, for that matter. I can’t see the likes of Jones moving out of centerfield, but the fact is that you never know.

Does Hays crack the starting lineup? If so, is it as a platoon player in various spots, or a solid starter in one position? Minicamp will be a great opportunity for young guys such as he to showcase their stuff for the coaching staff early on. And obviously it’s a precursor to spring training in that the players can begin to work out and get ready for the season.

Incidentally, the cold smack in the face of leaving Florida was lightened just a bit by virtue of the fact that I was able to attend the “Battle of the Old Line State” last night and got to see Maryland beat UMBC. While I’m glad the Terps won, if you’re a UMBC fan you’re in for a good season. Tough team, and they give a great effort.

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