Baltimore Orioles: Don’t blame the Birds for being smart

There’s actually more than starting pitching for which the Baltimore Orioles are looking. They’d also like a left-handed bat – someone who could hit-for-average. But I digress; the starting rotation is the most direly needed spot.

The easy out here is for them to trade the likes of Machado. And many of you question why they haven’t done that. The answer is simple; they didn’t get the proper offer. The Orioles were steadfast in their need for pitching in exchange for Machado this off season. Many teams made offers, but they didn’t involve pieces that the Orioles liked.

The Chicago Cubs reportedly offered some hot prospects, but not enough pitching. If the Orioles don’t get the deal they want AND need, they aren’t going to sell. Point blank, that’s just how it’s going to be. And that’s smart.

The Orioles know that’s smart, and other teams know that’s smart. However other teams are kind of intelligent also. They’re smart enough to know what they have in terms of pitching prospects. And they aren’t willing to just relinquish those prospects because the Orioles need and want them. Granted the Orioles are offering a heck of a piece in return, however again I digress.

To their own chagrin, the O’s have been quick to trade pitching prospects over the past couple of years. Now many of those were actually decent trades that in theory should and could have helped the team. But not all of them worked out. Point being, opposing teams aren’t quite as willing to trade their top pitching prospects – even for Machado.

But while it might be okay to second-guess some of the Orioles’ past trades (while understanding that hindsight is 20/20), fans should also be thankful that the team isn’t parting ways with Machado – for a low return. They know what they want and need, and they aren’t going to give Machado away unless they get that. Sometimes that process is painful, but if you’re going to trade a guy of his caliber, you need to be very targeted in what you get in return.

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