Baltimore Orioles: Christmas miracles happen

The Baltimore Orioles should be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind on this Christmas morning. Unless of course you’re unwrapping orange and black-themed gifts! However with that said, I noticed something interesting on my twitter feed last night…

…people were still complaining about the Orioles’ past few weeks. People are kind of relentless in their views – which is fine. But…it’s Christmas, isn’t it? As I said, don’t we have a few more important things to do?

I would say this; miracles happen, folks. I’m not saying that it would have to be a miracle for the Orioles to compete in 2018, because I don’t feel that way. But if you do, ’tis the season – is it not?

On my behalf as well as on that of all close to me, I wish all Orioles fans a very Merry Christmas today!

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