Baltimore Orioles: Will Santa come late for the O’s?

People have more important things to do on this Christmas Eve than worry about the Baltimore Orioles. So we’re going to keep it brief. Or as brief as possible, that is.

As everyone knows, Santa Claus comes tonight. Let that sink in if you’re wondering where the time went. In the past month fans have worried ad hoc about the Orioles going into 2018. What should they expect?

The winter meetings came and went, as did the subsequent weeks as we led into what’s normally a break for big league teams over Christmas and New Years. No moves were made by the Orioles. Yet it seemed that everyone around them were making every possible move they could. So…will Santa stop at the yard this year?

I think that Orioles fans want the team to do something. Whether it’s a trade of Machado, a signing, etc., they want something to happen. For the record, while most team personnel across the league are off this coming week for the holidays, GM’s will still have their phones on. If something comes down the pike, a deal will be made.

But will something come down the pike for this Orioles team? Tough to say. At some point it will – but Santa might just be a little bit later than normal.

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