Baltimore Orioles must always get the proper value

First and foremost, numerous outlets have reported that Baltimore Orioles’ closer Zach Britton‘s achilles surgery was successful yesterday. Now begins the tough part: rehab. The Orioles are hoping that Britton might be back before the trade deadline, but obviously at this point it’s tough to say.

The O’s have been getting lambasted by fans and local media the past few days for what’s interpreted as having botched trades. They had a trade involving Britton last year, and the medicals on one of the players the O’s were to have received came back suspect. Britton stayed with the Orioles obviously, and now thanks to a freak accident he’s on the shelf for the foreseeable future.

There were several deals out there for Manny Machado during the winter meetings last week. The Orioles didn’t like any of them, as they’re looking for two starting pitching prospects in return. Fans see this as just more of the same. The O’s are being greedy and unrealistic.

Maybe they are, for all we know. But the Britton injury can’t be allowed to convince them that staying the course is a bad idea. Unfortunately these things do happen. They shouldn’t, but they do. The Orioles have assets that other teams covet – such as the Machado’s of the world. Why should they sell low?

I’ve had people tell me that they should have gotten whatever they could for Britton, and that they should do the same with Machado. And of course people in that camp can point to this Britton injury as evidence that they’re right. Okay, so if someone offered a low-A prospect, should the Orioles have taken it?

The way forward is either with Machado (and Britton) on the roster this year, OR with prospects that equal or better their value. That’s the only way forward, because if you don’t value your own pieces, you can’t expect other teams to do so.

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