Baltimore Orioles: Hindsight’s 20/20

There’s a lot of talk across the board about the Baltimore Orioles, and had they not done this or that they maybe could afford Manny Machado. One such deal is that of Chris Davis, who signed a long-term contract before the 2016 season. For a lot of money.

I want to remind people that the Davis signing was widely popular in Baltimore. I thought it was a smart move myself. The same was true with re-signing Mark Trumbo, who had a brilliant 2016 season. Another move with which I agreed. But those two signings stemmed from letting Nelson Cruz walk after 2014. The Orioles felt they should have kept him.

Maybe they should have, and maybe they shouldn’t have. But either way, quite a few people were in favor of the Davis and Trumbo signings. Now people are saying the Orioles were stupid. So what gives?

Hindsight’s always 20/20. So it’s easy to look back now and suggest that they shouldn’t have done something that they did. My personal opinion is that the Orioles are a better team with Davis and Trumbo – just like they’re a better team with Machado. However the fact is that you can’t keep everyone.

And for the record, we don’t know how things would have played out had those guys not remained on the team. For all we know the team would have been even worse, and Manny would have demanded a trade before now. That’s always a possibility. However I’m not one to say that Orioles fans should prepare for the worst and assume that this team is going to be poor. The Birds have a hot-hitting lineup – with or without Machado.

So don’t just assume, especially because Machado isn’t going to get traded for peanuts. The Orioles will get a good deal, because that’s what they do. So they’ll end up with one, maybe two, starting pitchers out of the deal. That could stablize the organization and potentially allow them to win MORE games. Couldn’t it?!

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