Baltimore Orioles: Waiting game on Manny Machado

Baltimore Orioles fans are still waiting on news of a would-be trade involving Manny Machado. The problem with the winter meetings is that news like this leaks out and it comes off as the Birds are about to pull off the trade at any moment. That turns into next week, which turns into whenever.

Word on the street is that the O’s hope a deal is done before the Warehouse closes for Christmas and New Years. But what if that doesn’t happen? Are the Orioles balking?

I would say no. Granted, you want to know who’s going to be on your team as early as possible. However in terms of getting the utmost value for Machado, I would submit that the Birds still have some time. It’s not an unlimited amount of time, but they have some wiggle room.

Once teams report for spring training I would suspect his value would start taking a hit. Once you’ve reported for spring training you’re starting to go through the motions of being on that team for the season, and preparing – both mentally and physically. And blockbuster-type trades rarely happen in spring training.

So with that deadline in mind, the O’s should probably aim to have this done at the latest by the end of January. Coincidentally, that coincides with the team’s annual FanFest. But the fact is that they won’t get the value out of Machado that they should get and deserve to get if they pull the trigger once spring training has begun. If it gets to that point, they should wait for the deadline.

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