Baltimore Orioles: Is paranoia working against the Birds?

The Baltimore Orioles saw a familiar emotion pop up with all the talk last week of trading Manny Machado: paranoia. And I’m really one to talk – my unease about trading in the division is well documented. But are the Orioles letting that get the best of them?

The Orioles and owner Peter Angelos have always had a paranoid streak in them regarding New York (and to a lesser degree Boston). They’re wary of the fact that New York fans come to Camden Yards en masse and take over Orioles’ home games. And they’re wary of the fact that they (the O’s that is) are very careful in how they spend their money, whereas New York seemingly throws caution to the wind. And they’re respected for it and it generally works out for them.

So yes, the Orioles are a bit paranoid about dealing with New York in terms of trading Machado. And New York knows that. So…is New York simply muddying the waters for the Orioles? Perhaps they have no urge to acquire Machado, but they’re throwing their two cents in just to make things tougher on a division rival?

We obviously don’t know the answer to that. But again, the Orioles’ paranoia is well-documented. And probably well-merited at that.

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