Baltimore Orioles: The pitching conondrum

The Baltimore Orioles are a better team with Manny Machado. Anyone would be. But we should also remember that they’re a pretty potent offensive team without him as well. The likes of Davis, Trumbo, Jones, Schoop, and Mancini have pop in their bats.

The point is that the Orioles will have a solid offensive team without Machado. In fact, his absence could even give them some flexibility in the lineup. Granted their defense might suffer a bit, however you can’t really do anything about that. You just have to try to fill holes as best you can.

So they have the bats; it’s the arms that the Orioles need. And the real dilemma is whether or not they could trade for those arms without trading Machado. My personal opinion is that it’s tough to say, but if you’re going to trade Machado you should take the opportunity to pick up some pitching. And in saying that, I mean major league-ready pitching. At least one bona fide big time prospect that’s ready to come to the big leagues now (or who’s already had a cup of coffee).

If the Orioles trade Machado and they end up with a power-hitting prospect, that would be a mistake. While the guy might be a gifted hitter and all, that’s not what they need. They need pitching. It’s Dan Duquette’s job to convince teams that they need to be willing to part with prospects the caliber of what I described above in order to acquire Machado. That is if in fact he’s for sale.

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