Baltimore Orioles: Stop the Manny Machado sweepstakes

The Baltimore Orioles need to stop shopping Manny Machado – for now, at least. I’m still on record as saying that they should keep him and continually try to extend him. They’re a better team with him than without him. Then perhaps at the deadline if they’re out of contention and there’s no headway with an extension, you move him.

However I’m afraid that the Orioles are in the midst of getting hoodwinked if they aren’t careful. They don’t want Machado ending up with New York. And it seems that they’re willing to do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen. And that quite frankly should be to their credit.

This past week during the winter meetings one of the teams that were hot on Machado were the ChiSox. At some point a rumor came out that New York was already dealing with Chicago through back channels, saying that if they traded for Machado and were willing to flip him to them they’d get more than what they gave up to the O’s. To those who say the Orioles are simply being paranoid, does that not sound fishy?

It sounds an awful lot like New York back channeled to the Sox, who then turned around and tried to use that to their advantage. The narrative then became that the Sox weren’t putting the “absolute best” deal on the table, but they would guarantee the Orioles they wouldn’t turn around and flip Manny to the Bronx. Luckily for the Orioles, they didn’t bite.

And that tells you that Dan Duquette is doing his due diligence. However the fact is that this is almost similar to the Texeira sweepstakes a few years ago. In that case granted the Orioles were all but thrown in the middle of it against their will – simply because they were Texeira’s hometown team. But in this situation, Chicago’s trying to use the Orioles’ fears against them to offer less for a perennial all-star. And in turn, NY’s offering Chicago a deal that in theory would be better than that which Chicago was offering the Orioles.

Yes folks, it’s a convoluted web. But if the Orioles were smart they’d simply end the trade talks – for now. Again, my personal opinion is that they should try to extend Manny. But if they’re going to make a deal, why not do it next month when the lights of the winter meetings aren’t quite so bright? And again as I’ve said, the best way to keep Manny away from the Bronx is simply to trade him to a team that could in theory afford him.

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