Baltimore Orioles actively shopping Manny Machado?

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported yesterday that the Baltimore Orioles have been “asking teams to make offers on Manny Machado. In essence, that would mean that they’re actively shopping him at the winter meetings. Included in that report was the fact that Machado had told the Orioles that he wanted to play shortstop in 2018 – in Baltimore or elsewhere.

It’s unclear how much of this is due to that last part. However either way, apparently teams are inquiring and the Orioles are listening. Or perhaps if Rosenthal is to be believed it’s the other way around. Philadelphia’s a team that we know has some interest, and I’m sure there are others.

Rosenthal is a great journalist and he’s usually spot on. So odds are there’s some wind beneath this rumor. That’s not to say that Machado will be traded this week or at all. But it sure sounds like the Orioles’ view on signing Machado to a long-term deal is changing.

In his article, Rosenthal says that it’s doubtful the Orioles would get two top pitching prospects for a guy under team control for only one year. And that might be true. However the Orioles are obviously well within their right to ask for a massive return if Machado’s going to cease to be on their roster. And the fact is that either way they’re under no obligation to sell.

So out of curiosity, who guards the hot corner if Machado is traded? You might recall earlier in the off season I floated the idea that Mancini could take over at first base, with Davis moving to third. That would be an inhouse solution to that problem. You certainly lose a lot with Machado’s glove not being at third, however Davis is a solid third baseman.

That would also allow the Orioles to look for a left-handed bat who could play the outfield to replace Mancini. All of this is just speculation mind you, but time will tell.

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