Baltimore Orioles won’t pay international posting fees

The Baltimore Orioles made some waves early in these winter meetings regarding the process by which Shohei Ohtani came to the big leagues. Ohtani of course signed with the Los Angeles Angels, after suggesting that east coast teams weren’t ever really being considered. But Dan Duquette took that to a different level.

On MLB Network Radio, Duquette said that the Orioles didn’t participate in the sweepstakes because they disagree philosophically with the process. By that, he meant the idea of posting a fee (generally in the millions) to simply talk to a player. And while public opinion is swayed in the other direction, I think the Orioles are right.

It sounds an awful lot like extortion to me – the idea of paying a fee just to talk to a player about a contract. That isn’t good for the bottom line, which means it’s not good business. Now with that said, the idea is that other teams are willing to do this – thus the Orioles should be as well. At least that’s what the majority of fans seems to think, at least.

But again, tossing money away is not good for business. That’s the bottom line. People often say the Orioles can afford it and so forth. Maybe they can. But that doesn’t mean that you should do something like that just because. That’s not to say that there isn’t a cost of doing business. Of course there is. But you have to be smart about which costs you’re willing to pay if you have the choice.

On another front, news broke late yesterday that the O’s were talking to the NY Mets about pitcher Matt Harvey. If the Orioles were going to acquire him, it would obviously be a trade. The rumor is that New York is looking for a reliever in return. Perhaps Brach or O’Day? Time will tell, but for what it’s worth I think Harvey is a guy who could help the Orioles. He’s had his issues, but he would be an upgrade in the pitching staff for sure.

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