Baltimore Orioles open MLB winter meetings

In monitoring social media over the weekend, I saw a lot of folks complaining about the Baltimore Orioles’ lack of moves this off season. I would remind folks that today is only the opening of the annual MLB winter meetings. The off season hasn’t even begun to fight yet in a sense.

Obviously much of that sentiment stems from New York trading for Stanton over the weekend. But as I said yesterday, keep in mind that he was never a player that was in play for the Orioles and Dan Duquette. Not because they wouldn’t shell out or couldn’t afford him, but because they literally don’t need another slugger.

What they need is pitching. And the question is whether or not they’ll pick up some pitching this week. My prediction is that they won’t. And I don’t mean that they won’t do it out of lack of trying. I wouldn’t be surprised if the groundwork for something is laid this week, however.

Deals are often made at the winter meetings. However more realistically deals are begun – and finished later. When you see teas signing a player or perhaps making a trade in January or so, odds are those deals were begun at the winter meetings.

And in a way sometimes it does boil down to being social with other GM’s, or having relationships with other GM’s or executives. I can’t say for sure what Duquette’s relationship is with GM’s who might want to trade pitching or anything like that. But if you don’t believe me, look no further than Jeter trading Stanton to his old team.

Needless to say, it should be an interesting week in Orlando for the Orioles. And it stars today.

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