Baltimore Orioles: New York trading for Giancarlo Stanton

The Baltimore Orioles’ quest to return to the post season got a little bit harder yesterday. Or maybe a lot harder. Giancarlo Stanton, previously of the Miami Marlins, appears to be headed to the Bronx.

Stanton of course had been the subject of substantial trade rumors over time, but with his no trade clause he had veto’d trades to several teams. And decent teams at that. Of course when the opportunity came to play for the New York Yankees, he apparently had no issue waiving the no trade clause.

Let’s be very clear; this is not a case of the Orioles not stepping up to the plate and doing what needed to be done to have Stanton on their team. They don’t need him, because they already have a lineup with a decent amount of pop. The likes of Jones, Davis, Trumbo, Schoop, Mancini, and Machado will keep balls flying out of Camden Yards next summer.

However it does illustrate why the Birds need to invest in more pitching. How they, or any other team for that matter, think they’re going to shut down that lineup is beyond me. Now in fairness plenty of stacked lineups have failed over time in various sports. Whether this one will or not remains to be seen.

Of course adding to the story is the fact that former Yankee captain Derek Jeter is now the CEO in Miami, and the one who’s pulling the strings on the trade. There will no doubt be calls of collusion among other things. And the fact that New York message boards and call-in shows are already touting the fact that the captain came through in the clutch for the Yankees one last time isn’t going to help matters. However it’s unfair to say that there’s a fix in simply for that reason. Derek Jeter was above all a clean and honest ballplayer. There’s no reason to think that as an executive he wouldn’t bring the same integrity to the table.

Of course as we go into this week’s winter meetings, this is a major story that will now be off the table. However again, it is something that should light a fuse under the Orioles when it comes to pitching. And I’m not talking about a Rule 5 pitcher or anything like that. I mean a bona fide big league starter. Should be an interesting week.

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