Baltimore Orioles: Overvaluing vs. Undervaluing

I wrote yesterday about the Baltimore Orioles, potential trades, and player value. That last part was almost an add-on, but it’s just as important as anything else. Almost more important if you think about it.

Former GM Andy MacPhail famously said that he wasn’t going to let other teams undervalue his players when it came to trading them away for pieces. And when you want to criticize Dan Duquette for wanting too much in return, keep in mind that the likes of Tillman and Jones are only Orioles because of that attitude.

It’s other teams’ jobs to undervalue your talent. And while it would be tough to undervalue a guy like Manny when it comes to on-field talent, teams could easily argue the point of him only being under team control for one year. But is one year of Manny worth it if he helps you get a title?

That’s how the Orioles have to approach this. Because the fact is that they aren’t in a position where they absolutely have to make a trade. They in fact would prefer to keep Manny on the team through 2018 and continually try to extend him. But if they are going to make a trade, it’s going to be hugely slanted their way. Basically you’re talking about gutting someone’s farm system.

And sometimes teams do their jobs for you – as was the case in the Bedard-for-Jones trade. Bedard was a great pitcher, but Seattle vastly overvalued him. And quite frankly they’re still in the doghouse today partially because of that. So you always have to be careful with trades. And odds are Dan Duquette will be if any are made.

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