Baltimore Orioles getting calls about Manny Machado

There have been multiple reports this week saying that the Baltimore Orioles have been getting calls from opposing teams regarding Manny Machado. The Birds have no interest in trading Machado. However they’re willing to listen to offers on any player.

And it makes sense that teams are starting to call. The annual winter meetings begin next week in Orlando, FL. The entire baseball world will be there, from coaches, to GM’s, owners, agents, and even a few players. As we all know, we’ll see some deals made over the course of next week. And a few begun.

The obvious question is whether or not the Orioles should trade Machado. And team management knows that the obvious answer to that is NO. The Orioles are a better team with Machado on board. And if they could get some pitching this off season, they’d be a really dangerous team.

However the Catch-22 is that Machado may be the key to getting better pitching. But that’s another story for another day. The Orioles don’t want to trade Machado – officially. However I suspect they’re open to doing so…IF the offer is right.

And by right, I mean that another team would have to blow the Orioles away with an offer. We’d be talking at least one or two top prospects, and pitching prospects at that. The type of prospects which could in theory be ready to come to the big leagues – as in right now.

Many teams and even fans will say that this is overvaluing a guy who’s only under team control for 2018 with his current contract. But this is also one of the top three players in baseball today, and without a doubt the best third baseman in the league. Probably in his generation. Is it possible to overvalue your talent too much? For sure. But you don’t want to let other teams undervalue it either.

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