Baltimore Orioles: Beware at the winter meetings

The Baltimore Orioles’ contingent, led by Dan Duquette, will head to the annual MLB winter meetings next week. There are a lot of questions surrounding this team, many more so than there probably should be. With a veteran manager and a solid lineup, that is.

Obviously the Orioles stand at a crossroads in the sense that quite a few contracts (including those of the GM and manager) coming off the books following the 2018 season. So there are quite a few moving parts. And quite a few decisions to make.

We know from past experiences that the Orioles will be active in the Rule 5 draft. You can probably bank on it. But again, there are a lot of moving parts. And a lot of outside forces who would like to see the Orioles do certain things.

Namely, other teams would love the opportunity to purchase some of the Orioles’ players. You know, the Machado’s, Schoop’s, Bundy’s, and maybe even the Jones’ of the world. So other GM’s may well be trying to convince Dan Duquette to sell. Even still, perhaps a few will try to convince him to stand pat and that it’s too risky to sell. But too expensive to buy.

Ultimately, every team is out for himself. Another GM may well be offering advice to Duquette and so forth, but in reality he’s trying to come off as such so as to potentially convince Duquette of a plan of attack – which may benefit that other team more than the Orioles. So the Birds have to be careful. Other teams may not be telling them to sell with benevolent reasons.

Ultimately whatever happens, it should be the Orioles’ decision. For their reasons and their reasons only. Because the Orioles are accountable to their fans. Those other teams and GM’s are not.

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