Baltimore Orioles’ rival shaking things up

One of the Baltimore Orioles’ fellow AL East teams is doing everything it can to shake things up this off season. The New York Yankees parted ways with Joe Girardi, a World Series champion manager. Now they’re going even more out of the box with his replacement.

Late Friday it was announced that they were going to hire Aaron Boone as their manager. Boone of course comes from a family rich in baseball lore, and he briefly played for New York in 2003. Of course everyone remembers his walk off home run in game seven of the 2003 ALCS to send New York to the World Series in lieu of Boston. For a guy who only played in 54 games for NY, that’s a great way to be remembered.

But there’s one problem; Boone’s never set foot on a baseball diamond as a coach at any level – much less in the big leagues. I’ve written before about how teams seem to be wanting to go with youth in the dugout as opposed to tenured and respected managers. That’s certainly what Houston did, and Washington, Boston, and and others have followed suit.

But at least the people who were hired in those cities were guys who had worked their way through the minors and up the coaching ranks. Aaron Boone’s never coached, as I said above. And again as I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of the youth movement. But hiring a guy who’s never coached before? That’s strange.

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