Baltimore Orioles announce 2018 game times

You know it must be a slow news day (or period, more like) when you’re writing a story about the Orioles’ start times for games. But the team did release that information yesterday, and it came with a bit of a surprise. And from my standpoint, a good surprise.

The team announced that all Sunday games starting in 2018 would begin at 1:05 PM as opposed to 1:35. There was no reason given for this change, just an announcement that it would be happening. Years ago 1:05 was the given start time for Sunday games at Memorial Stadium, but as they transitioned to Camden Yards it became 1:35.

Opening Day will still be the traditional 3:05 first pitch, but the majority of the remaining games will begin at 7:05. The O’s will have four weekday afternoon games, including a 1:35 first pitch against the Washington Nationals on Memorial Day. The regular season finale against Houston will of course be a 3:05 PM start, which is a league-wide mandate.

I’ll be honest; I like the earlier Sunday starts. I don’t know for sure, however I suspect that they began going to 1:35 when they moved to the Inner Harbor due to the fact that the extra half hour allowed people to get lunch in the area before the games. However now with Dempsey’s Brew Pup right there in the ballpark, and Pickles and Sliders right outside, most people are probably utilizing those options. But ultimately from my perspective, I can always afford to get home an extra 30 minutes earlier!

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