Baltimore Orioles: Nick Markakis back to the O’s?

MASN’s Roch Kubatko wrote this morning about the possibility of Nick Markakis returning to the Baltimore Orioles. Markakis is entering the final season of a four-year deal with Atlanta this year. I suspect however that due to declining power numbers Atlanta would be happy to trade Markakis if a deal came.

The Orioles do in fact have a bit of a history of re-acquiring old stars. Mike FlanaganEddie MurrayBill Ripken, and Rafael Palmeiro all left and returned to the O’s. One thing we know the Orioles do well is celebrate the past history of the franchise. Markakis is definitely a part of that past, and his return to Camden Yards as an Oriole would just be another chapter in linking the past with the present.

However the Orioles also have some young talent that could be placed in the outfield going into next year. Is it really worth stunting that growth just to bring Markakis back? Furthermore, at what price would Markakis come? I suspect the O’s might have to part with one of the prospects who in theory could start in right field next year. Again, is it worth doing that for the sole reason of bringing back a former star?

Many would say yes. Nick Markakis was a beloved player with the Orioles, and he still lives in Baltimore. I’m just not sure that a guy with declining power numbers is someone that the Orioles should consider, unless Atlanta’s willing to take cash or a PTBNL. Time will tell.

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