Baltimore Orioles: Active at the winter meetings?

The Baltimore Orioles’ contingent – led by Dan Duquette – will join the rest of MLB at the 2017 Winter Meetings next month. The week-long event will run from December 10-14th in Orlando, FL, and will feature everyone who’s everyone in the baseball world. It’s also a bit of a dog and pony show in a sense. But everyone’s under one roof.

As we know, deals are often done in terms of free agent signings, trades, etc. at these events. The question is whether or not the O’s will be active or not? Obviously with the likes of Machado and Britton being low-hanging fruit, other teams will be making inquiries.

As most fans know, the Orioles are usually only active on the final day of the winter meetings, when the Rule 5 draft comes along. Whether or not they select a player remains to be seen, although the fact is that Dan Duquette has had good luck in these drafts. He’s also done his homework in the players that the Orioles have ended up taking.

However those are low level moves. Would the O’s consummate a trade (whether Machado or Britton were involved or not)? Or sign a free agent? Keep in mind that even if that doesn’t happen, the groundwork for such a deal might get laid during that time. Just because we don’t see results doesn’t mean something isn’t going to happen. It might, or it might not. We still have the entire winter to figure that out!

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