Baltimore Orioles: Thanksgiving leftovers

Not much going on today in Birdland surrounding the Baltimore Orioles on the day after Thanksgiving. But that’s to be expected. Thanksgiving weekend is one of those times of year when most of us get the opportunity to take pause for awhile and remove ourselves from the normal grind of society. The O’s are no different.

Many of us partook in a grand Thanksgiving tradition yesterday of watching football while we ate our meals. Now granted while I love watching football on Thanksgiving, I’ve always thought it was a bit presumptuous of the NFL to basically tell players that they have to give up their holidays so as to entertain others. But the fact is that the entertainment industry thrives on holidays.

Nevertheless, none of us can say that we’ve ever experienced Thanksgiving without football. It’s part of the deal. It’s similar in a way to what MLB does for Memorial Day. Generally we see some form of a triple-header on ESPN, with games at 1 PM, 4 PM, and 7 PM – usually. Heck ESPN2 might even have a night cap at 10:00 as well.

I’m not sure that any holiday goes hand-in-hand with a sport like Thanksgiving and football. But perhaps there’s a bit of a parallel there. I suppose the difference is that most of the league plays every day in baseball. In the case of the NFL, most of the league plays every Sunday. So they’re actually taking games off of Sunday and putting them on Thursday.

I’ve always thought of Thanksgiving and Memorial Day as the great American holidays. They bookend unofficial beginnings of summer and winter, and they’re roughly six months apart. They’re identified by their menu’s, turkey and BBQ, and they’re generally spent with family and/or friends. Not to mention that two great American sports are generally celebrated on these two holidays.

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