Baltimore Orioles trade for Jaycob Brugman

The Baltimore Orioles’ roster got bigger yesterday when they made a deal with Oakland to bring outfielder Jaycob Brugman to the organization. The Birds traded a player to be named later, or cash, to acquire the 25-year old lefty outfielder.

As is generally the case, this isn’t a move that will drop any jaws. However one thing that does make Brugman stand out is the fact that he has a career .344 OBP. While that’s only in the minor leagues, it’s something of significant appeal to an Oriole team that has struggled for some time to be anything more than a station-to-station team.

I suspect that Brugman will replace the likes of Seth Smith on the roster and in the lineup. The one difference is that Brugman’s a lefty. That should give the O’s a bit more flexibility in terms of their lineup on various days.

That aside, don’t expect much more in the way of news from the organization this week. Obviously today is a holiday, and the Warehouse offices are closed for the remainder of the week/weekend. That aside, from mine to yours, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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