Baltimore Orioles interested in Alex Cobb

The Baltimore Orioles apparently have an interest in RHP Alex Cobb, formerly of the Tampa Rays. This according to MLB Trade Rumors. Cobb has a career .350 ERA, a win percentage of .578, and gives up only 19 homers per year on average. All of this over six years in the big leagues.

Cobb has also been an Oriole-killer throughout that time period. Over six years, he’s only surrendered six home runs to Oriole bats. As a team, the O’s have hit .237 against Cobb when they’ve faced him. He also has a career .750 win percentage at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

The Orioles may have identified a pitcher who’s played very well against them, AND one who according to the numbers would also pitch well in their home park. Now that’s only over seven games at Oriole Park, however that’s more games than he’s appeared at any other park in baseball over his career other than Tropicana Field. He’s also appeared at Fenway seven times.

Obviously the catch here is how much it’s going to potentially cost. MLB Trade Rumors didn’t list what Cobb is hoping to get in the way of a contract. Certainly we’re not talking Scherzer or Verlander-type money, however Cobb’s looking at a decent chunk of change wherever he ends up.

Cobb would certainly be an upgrade, and perhaps along with the likes of Bundy he could help to anchor a rotation that had no stability in 2017. That would be the hope, anyway. My personal opinion is that the Orioles should take the plunge and go for him. He’s familiar with the division, and you remove a potential threat from a division rival and add him to your roster. It would be a win-win.

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