Baltimore Orioles should consider trading Zach Britton

There have been numerous reports over the past 24 hours that the Baltimore Orioles are once again shopping closer Zach Britton. Count me as thinking that at the very leas tthey should consider trading him. For the right deal, that is.

Apparently the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs are at least two of the teams who are interested. However regardless of who’s interested or not, the deal still has to be right for the Orioles to consider parting with a commodity like Britton. In other words, they need to fleece someone.

In the past I’ve used the term gut someone’s farm system. I’m not saying that here, because that would be above and beyond fleecing someone. I mean if you can get away with gutting someone’s farm system, go for it. But odds are you won’t. Not for a guy who pitches one inning, is in the final year of his contract, and went to the DL twice in 2017.

However dealing Britton could well help the Orioles to warm themselves over for 2018. I would say that the Birds should look for at least one top pitching prospect for someone of Britton’s caliber. Again, some will say I’m over-valuing Britton. But what did I say above? The deal has to be right.

If you can get a pitching prospect who’s either ready or close to being ready to go to the big leagues, do it. The Orioles are a team who needs pitching, and desperately at that. This would not only be a way to get some, but also a cheap way to do it.

Furthermore, while last year the bullpen was overused and thus broke down, we know the strength of the Oriole bullpen. I think the likes of Brach would slide into the closer’s role just fine. Losing Britton would be a loss for sure, but the bullpen would still be strong. And perhaps the starting rotation would get stronger as well.

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