Baltimore Orioles: Did Manny Machado get stepped over?

The Baltimore Orioles were once again shut out from the Gold Glove awards this year, with Manny Machado having been their best shot. He lost out on the Gold Glove award to Tampa’s Evan Longoria. Mind you, Longoria’s been a great third baseman for some time.

This year, Machado’s fielding percentage was .967, which was higher than it was two of the three years he actually won the Gold Glove award. However he committed 14 errors in the field, which probably ate at his chances a bit. Technically, Longoria fielded at a higher clip – .968. And he only committed 12 errors.

That said, those are somewhat negligible differences. However there’s one big difference that would in theory make a big difference. Machado played 156 games at third base in 2017. Longoria only played 142. Could that have made up for one point in fielding percentage and two errors? Needless to say, it could.

Ultimately someone had to win, and the writers picked Longoria. However at this stage, nobody would be arguing that Longoria is a better third baseman than Manny Machado. the Orioles have the best third baseman in baseball, and perhaps of his generation guarding the hot corner going into next year. Obviously the big question is whether or not he will continue to guard the hot corner for the Orioles.

I’m not sure that Machado got screwed out of the award. But it was a curious selection needless to say. Machado’s much more capable of the flashy play, however Longoria’s been around a lot longer. Again however, there’s no question who’s the better third baseman right now. That’s Manny Machado by a long shot.

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