Baltimore Orioles: Is the eye of the tiger really a thing?

Many folks would say that the Baltimore Orioles lacked the “eye of the tiger” in 2017. Instead, the likes of New York, Boston, and obviously Houston, all had it. But does that really make a difference?

I suppose it does. And I would submit that you’d be hard pressed to argue that the Orioles simply went through the motions this past season. Some would point to the month of September as evidence that they did, however mind you that this team was about as banged up as you can get. That’s a tough way to go through the season.

I don’t think that the “eye of the tiger” means anything per se. Professional baseball players are paid to play. And I personally believe that if you’re paid to do a job, you aren’t simply going to show up and collect a paycheck. You’re going to do everything in your power to do that job correctly and properly. That’s not an Orioles or a baseball thing, it’s a human thing.

But what did some of those teams have this past season that the O’s didn’t? I would argue that it was the perfect storm. The Orioles were a veteran team. In general, experience is going to trump youth. And believe me when I say that I like veteran teams. You don’t have to deal with as much drama, guys messing up, etc. However the down side is injuries. And that’s what killed this team in 2017.

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