Baltimore Orioles: Please go to the polls today!

I write a column like this every year, and yes I understand that it has nothing to do with the Baltimore Orioles per se. But consider it a Public Service Announcement (PSA) in a sense. Today is Election Day across our country, and my recommendation, hope, etc., is that all of you reading this goes out and votes today.

I’m not supporting any candidate or party in saying this. I don’t care for whom you vote. I encourage all citizens, even those who’s views are polar opposites of mine to make their voices heard today. Some states are electing Governors, State Delegates/Senators, and in some areas it’s just ballot issues. However make your voice heard; it’s important.

To tie this in a bit with the O’s, the team wouldn’t be here if not for voting – or at least for the right people having been voted in. Baltimore lost the Colts in 1984 while William Donald Schaefer was mayor. The reason the team moved was because the city and/or the state of Maryland wouldn’t finance a new stadium. Now we can argue over whether public funds should pay for stadiums another time, but that’s the reason the team left.

A few years later, Schaefer was the Governor of Maryland. Along with the House of Delegates and the State Senate, he was able to pass funding to build what eventually became M & T Bank Stadium, and of course for Oriole Park at Camden Yards. That took people going to the ballot box and voting the correct people into office – people who were willing to spend state money on these facilities, recognizing that these projects would also help the city and the state of Maryland.

If not for that funding and for the ballpark being built, I suspect that the Orioles would have left just like the Colts. Washington was “the destination” at the time, and many people felt that they’d end up there. Or perhaps in a city like Charlotte, NC. However either way, your votes count. All politics is local, as they say. So if you think that these piddly local elections are pointless, think again. Please folks, cast a ballot today. No matter how unimportant you might feel the election may be. Trust me, it matters.

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