Baltimore Orioles: Have to take the good and the bad with Roger McDowell

A whole slew of Baltimore Orioles fans want changes made on the coaching staff going into 2018. Heck, some even want a new manager. I’ll run the the streets with my underwear on top of my head if that happens. But one common theme has been that people feel that pitching coach Roger McDowell must go. At the end of the day I have news for you – he’s staying. Apparently so are the other coaches.

With a 5.70 staff ERA, McDowell’s pitchers turned in the highest ERA over a season in Orioles’ history. That’s a fair reason to want a new pitching coach. Oriole pitchers were often inconsistent, as as the season came to a close it seemed that mound visits and early pitching changes were getting more and more prominent. But regardless of what anyone thinks should happen or wants, McDowell’s coming back.

However there were elements to McDowell’s efforts in 2018 which really paid off. Dylan Bundy morphed into a staff ace in a sense. I’m not exactly prepared to use that term quite yet, however Bundy had a great season needless to say. Miguel Castro and Mychal Givens also emerged as solid relief options out of the bullpen. And who knows, perhaps if they’re stretched out in spring training they could even start at some point.

I suppose that my point was that while the overall results were poor for McDowell, there were some bright spots. If you’re going to knock him for the likes of Tillman and Miley, you also have to praise him for the aforementioned players. It’s also worth mentioning that the Orioles have had problems developing pitchers for years. The last pitcher out of their system who truly worked out was probably Mussina. The likes of Ponson, Cabrera, and others flirted with being good, but they couldn’t make it over the hump.

Point being, the pitching issues aren’t the result of McDowell. They’ve been happening for years. What’s the solution you might ask? Beats the heck out of me.

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