Baltimore Orioles: That’s all she wrote!

The Baltimore Orioles can probably take some solace in knowing that the eventual world champions had their number this year. Heck, Houston’s had the Orioles’ number for some time. And last night they defeated the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-1, to win their first ever world series.

I predicted Los Angeles in six games at the beginning of the series, but I never would have thought that Houston would have had it in them to not only win in seven but to do it at Dodger Stadium. I’m not sure why I felt that way, but I just did. I suspect that part of their charm is that people such as myself underestimate them so much.

However it stands to reason that a team which looks for one run here and there couldn’t defeat a power-hitting club. Yet they did. And they’ve done it all year; that’s how they beat up on the Orioles, among other teams. They of course also went through Boston and New York in the American League playoffs, and eventually Los Angeles.

It’s a tough sell however to suggest that the power era of baseball is over, and that small ball should rule the day. As I’ve said before, the Orioles or any other team would get bludgeoned if they went to small ball as a way of life. The retort to that is of course what do the Orioles have to lose, they finished in last place.

Be that as it may, you can pretty much scrap the month of September. The team was so injured and tired, that they all but petered out at Labor Day. Many will argue that they were tired from the harsh swings they would often take while trying to hit home runs, but I digress. Small ball won’t work in the AL East. Can it win world series’? Obviously it can. But you have to get out of your division before you can do that.

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