Baltimore Orioles: Does the fall classic end tonight?

One thing with which the Baltimore Orioles struggled in 2017 is expecting the unexpected. It seemed that they had a script for every game that they wanted to follow, and when the game deviated off of that script they would start to struggle. So odds are that they wouldn’t have done well in this World Series, because the unexpected has become the norm.

So it would stand to reason that the series should end tonight, probably with Houston blowing Los Angeles out. This has been such an entertaining series with so many twists and turns, and conventional wisdom says that it should probably go a seventh game. But again, expect the unexpected.

My prediction at the beginning was Los Angeles in six games. That’s no longer possible, however I do think that Los Angeles is still going to win. So obviously I’m going with conventional wisdom in a sense regarding tonight’s game. However would it surprise me if Houston won? Not at all.

Orioles FanFest Note: There was some minor Orioles’ news yesterday, as the Birds announced that their annual FanFest would be held on January 27th at the Baltimore Convention Center. A time-honored tradition in Birdland, the event will run from 11 AM – 6 PM.

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