Baltimore Orioles: Houston finds ways to beat you

The Baltimore Orioles have struggled with Houston for years. No matter the circumstance, the venue, or who’s starting for whom, the Birds can’t seem to find a way to beat Houston. They always seem to play them in the midst of a slump as well, but one way or the other they find ways to beat the Orioles.

And the Los Angeles Dodgers got a bit of that medicine in last night’s epic World Series game, won by Houston, 13-12. The two teams combined for seven home runs, and Houston finally won it in walk off fashion (with a single) in extra innings. However keep in mind that Houston’s a small ball team. Yet, they just won a World Series game where the two sides combined for seven homers…

…and that’s sometimes how they would beat the Orioles (among other teams). They seem to at times assume the identity of their opponent in a sense. The games the Orioles play against them at Minute Maid Park seem to be typical small ball games. However when Houston comes up to the Orioles’ home turf they suddenly try to out-slug the Birds. And it works.

Again, Los Angeles found that out last night. Houston’s just a very nimble team in that they can beat you however. It’s almost as if they allow the opponent to choose how the game’s going to go (small ball or power), and they’re comfortable beating you either way. One way or the other, it has them one game from becoming world champions.

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