Baltimore Orioles: Did Buck Showalter luck out after last year?

There was a very small but boisterous group of Baltimore Orioles fans who wanted Buck Showalter shown the door after last year’s AL Wild Card Game. We all remember; he left Britton in the bullpen while the O’s lost in walk off fashion. It’s something that’s debated to this day.

One week ago Washington let go of Dusty Baker, and now yesterday the NY Yankees let go of Joe Girardi. Or let me correct that; their contracts were up and the teams neglected to offer them new ones. Girardi is a guy that Orioles fans have always loved to hate. And for now at least, they won’t have to deal with him anymore.

The criticism of Baker being scapegoated because of how he handled games in the post season is well documented. And the fact is that while Girardi had New York within a game of the World Series, he botched a potential instant replay call that could have changed the outcome of the series. Do these “transgressions” equate to things that should cost these men their jobs? In my mind the answer is no.

But is this now the way of the world? One mistake and you’re gone? If these two very high-profile dismissals (or non-renewals) are any indication, it could very well mean that. The World Series is going to be won by either Houston or Los Angeles; and both are flawed. And managed by flawed men.

I would just submit that if we’re now in the business of not bringing managers back because of one mistake, it means we’re toeing a very fine line. It means that the only acceptable outcome of a season is to win the World Series. And that means that Buck Showalter really lucked out – if in fact all of that is the case.

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