Baltimore Orioles: Former Bird, Rich Hill, starts in the Fall Classic

The Baltimore Orioles acquired Rich Hill from the Chicago Cubs in 2009. Hill was shut down early with shoulder problems, but went 3-3 in 14 games, with a 7.80 ERA. In case you don’t remember his stint with the Birds, let’s just say that the numbers aren’t indicative of how much he struggled.

Hill bounced around a few more times over the years, before landing on the west coast with Oakland and eventually the Los Angeles Dodgers last season. Since being in that Cali sunshine, he’s thrived. In total last year he went 12-5, and this year (exclusively in Los Angeles) he posted a 12-8 record. Hill will start in game two of the World Series for Los Angeles this evening.

This isn’t an Arrieta-like case where the Orioles couldn’t seem to get him square but he literally took off once he left. However Hill is a classic change of air guy…it just took him several changes of air to get himself to where he is now. At 37 years old, he’s been one of the more dominant pitchers in the game the past two seasons.

Most fans I suspect will barely remember Hill’s stint in Baltimore, but it did happen. The three games that he won were even struggles. However to go from riding the triple-A shuttle with several different teams to pitching in the World Series has to be quite a transformation for Hill. Best wishes and good luck to him!

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