Baltimore Orioles: More Chance Sisco in 2018?

The Baltimore Orioles brought Chance Sisco to the big leagues as a September call-up this year. And the results were very favorable for the young catcher. Sisco hit .333 in 18 at-bats with two homers, four RBI, and an OBP of .455.

The Orioles of course let Matt Wieters walk after last season, and he ended up in Washington. They then signed Welington Castillo, who was this year’s starting catcher. To be clear, Castillo had a solid season and for the most part was good for the Orioles behind the plate. And that’s part of the reason why he’s expected to turn down his $7 million option and become a free agent.

So this opens the door for Sisco in a sense. He didn’t come up with the fanfare that Wieters did, however he’s been a prospect about whom the Orioles have been excited for some time. In ten games behind the plate at the big league level, he turned in a perfect fielding percentage.

The question is whether or not this is the time to fully commit to Sisco as a full-fledge Oriole as opposed to just a prospect. I’d be curious to know how much (if at all) that decision lies with Castillo. Would the Orioles go with the hand of experience if they could get Castillo back cheaply? I suspect they would. You’d prefer not to have to go through on-the-job-training, even with a hot prospect.

But having Sisco waiting in the wings also them options. If Castillo ends up elsewhere, Sisco could easily find himself splitting catching duties with Caleb Joseph. Only time will tell.

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