Baltimore Orioles: Dusty Baker deserved better down the pike

When I think of Baltimore Orioles’ opponents, few were as classy as Dusty Baker down I-95 in Washington DC. Similar to Buck Showalter, Baker was an accomplished baseball man who managed the game the right way. And again, he was about as classy a competitor as you’re going to see.

His contract was up after this year, and Washington made no attempts to re-sign him. In fact, I would argue that they made it well understood that he’d be “taken care of” after the season. Now that after the season is here, Washington announced that they would not be retaining Baker.

Dusty Baker won that team two consecutive division titles. That’s unprecedented in the history of that franchise. After those accomplishments, you don’t treat someone like Baker like that. I’m sorry, you just don’t.

And I’m not talking from a baseball perspective. I’m talking as a guy who watched his father and grandfather manage people from a young age. They always treated their employees like family. And that comes off as the exact opposite from how the Nationals did Dusty Baker yesterday. And in reality for much of the season.

That comment above, you just don’t treat someone like that, is kind of what rings in my head when I think of this situation. Many want to say that Baker could have handled situations in the NLDS games – who knows maybe he could have. Others say that the team was so good that anyone could manage them. Again, maybe they could.

But it’s not about that. It’s about how managers treat their employees. And in my view Dusty Baker the employee was done wrong.

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