Baltimore Orioles: Do buying and selling no longer truly exist?

The Baltimore Orioles technically were buyers at the trade deadline this past year. They have been since 2012. Mind you that in 2011 they “sold,” and ended up with the likes of Davis on the team. That trade kind of worked out.

However in the past few seasons it’s seemed that the line between buying and selling has blurred just a bit. In the past, a buyer would acquire a piece in the form of a player that’s well established at the big league level who can help them. In exchange, the seller would get a hot prospect or two which of course would help them in the future. Selling was considered waving the white flag – on that season, at least.

And I suspect that it still is. However if you use the 2016 New York Yankees as an example, they had a tough first half. Then at the deadline they decided to sell. And they did so en masse. They ended up with guys like Judge among others. Again, that trade kind of worked out.

And almost immediately, they began to win. The prospects they got in return for their players seemingly performed on the big stage right away. And by extension, many of the New York veterans who were still on the team performed better. New York made a run at the playoffs last year at the end, and of course are now one game from the World Series.

But is this an anomaly? Or a trend? It’s really tough to say. A lot of people point to that and say that the O’s should have sold this year. I’ve never really considered that selling and in essence purchasing young talent could make you an immediate contender. Usually that talent either stays in the minors a couple of years before coming the the big leagues, or comes to the big leagues immediately and has to learn on the job.

Moving forward it’ll be interesting to see if in fact this type of trend continues. Time will tell.

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