Baltimore Orioles: MLB has gone too far on rules

The Baltimore Orioles and every other team have done their best to adapt to the various new MLB rules that have come into effect. However last night we saw a situation in game one of the NLDS where a run was allowed to score BECAUSE of a “new rule,” that was instituted for player safety. In short, Los Angeles was awarded a fifth run when on replay it was ruled that the Chicago catcher was blocking the plate prior to the ball arriving.

By the letter of the law, the umpires got the call right. However is the letter of the law…correct? I understand why these types of rules exist – player safety is obviously very important. However in that instance, the issue appeared to be the Chicago catcher’s leg jetting out over home plate. Well, the fact is that the guy had to do that in order to support himself and stay upright.

However that aside, we also need to remember that these plays happen very quickly. Baseball is a thinking man’s game, but that thinking is done in the dugout. When a play like that happens, it comes fast and furious. And players rarely have time to think. They just “do.” So…are we not in essence giving the offense more of an advantage in that sense as opposed to the defense?

I would argue yes. But that should be nothing new to sports fans; the NFL has done it for years! I understand that the goal is to limit the number of home plate collisions for safety reasons. But if players are going to be forced to stop and think of where their foot is in regards to the plate…are we not limiting the game itself? Again, I would argue that we are.

I’m not sure what the right answer is in all of this. I’m not against player safety by any means. But how many players out there have really had career-ending injuries, or even life-altering injuries because of things like home plate collisions among other things? Yes, it’s easy for me to say as a writer who sits behind a computer screen. Really easy. It’s not my career, nor is it my life. However I do care about how all things affect the game. And I’m not a fan of over-regulation in sports.

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