Baltimore Orioles: No sweeps for MLB’s tastes?

When the Baltimore Orioles were last in the ALDS in 2014, they swept the Detroit Tigers. That of course was a series that included a blowout win in game one, a game two win on the heels of Delmon Young‘s bases-clearing double in the eighth inning, and Buck Showalter rolling the dice at the end of game three. Showalter of course walked the winning run into scoring position to match up. But needless to say, it was a three-game sweep.

With Washington winning yesterday (and with similar heroics to the Delmon Young game at that), that’s one LDS series that has no chance at being a sweep. However the LA Dodgers won last night, setting up an elimination game tomorrow in Phoenix. And both Boston and New York face elimination today at the hands of Houston and Cleveland respectively.

My personal prediction is that at least one of those series’ will see at least a game four. However out of three series’, the odds of at least one of them being a sweep are also pretty good. But is it fair to say that perhaps MLB doesn’t want any of these series’ to be sweeps?

At this point, MLB’s really in this for the ratings. Correction: they’re in this for their television partners, who are in this for the ratings. You’re going to get ratings in the cities that are involved in the games for sure. Eyeballs in Cleveland, New York, Boston, etc. are going to be glued to the sets. And keep in mind that there are a lot of “haters” in cities such as Baltimore – division rivals of those teams who want to see them go down. They’ll probably be watching also.

But in reality, I suspect MLB would prefer that all of the series’ go the entire way. The league has to be thrilled that Washington won last night, and in such compelling fashion at that. Now they’re guaranteed a fourth game, and in the “friendly confines” of Wrigley Field at that.

Mind you, I’m in no way suggesting that any games are fixed – not by any stretch of the imagination. I just think that it makes sense for the league to hope the series’ go the entire five games. Especially seeing that they would culminate during the week. MLB’s at a disadvantage somewhat today because their two elimination games are going up against NFL football. While NFL ratings are down, it’s still competition. But games next week won’t have that type of competition.

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