Baltimore Orioles issue ten walks in loss

Some fans might excuse the Baltimore Orioles in a sense if some of them are already looking to next week. With the season drawing to a fast conclusion, many players are undoubtedly looking towards potentially being on a golf course or a beach somewhere. This after being tied up with baseball since February. Having said that, while many people might understand the mentality, it certainly doesn’t look pretty on the diamond.

Wade Miley got the start for the O’s in Tampa last night, and not with the greatest results. Miley’s line: 4.0 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 5 BB, 6 K. As a team, the Orioles issued ten walks last night. Half of those came from Miley. And true to form for Orioles’ pitchers, it was the second time through the order that got him.

Tampa loaded the bases in the third, and Longoria’s RBI-ground out gave them a 1-0 lead. They loaded the bases again in the fourth, and Robertson took a walk to give them a 2-0 lead. They ran it to 3-0 on Bourjos’ sac fly-RBI. Longoria would lead off the fifth with a solo homer as well.

And Tampa would put three more runs on the board in the last of the seventh before they were done. This was the Orioles’ 17th loss in 21 games. However unfortunately there was more to this overall game story.

Tim Beckham potentially injured his hamstring running out a ground ball in the eighth inning. Granted if you’re going to have an injury this is the time to do it, however it’s just one more injury in an injury-plaqued year for the Birds. The scary part is that Beckham is seen as being part of the Orioles’ future, and he’s a younger player. It’s one thing when Davis or Jones is hurt – you expect that of older players.

Part of the sequence that ended up with Miley loading the bases in the fourth was Tampa’s Puello hitting a ball into the catwalks of Tropicana Field. It hit off of a set of stairs and was lost in the roof – umpires awarded Puello an infield hit. Buck Showalter addressed this after the game (quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports):

None of the four umpires could tell if it hit it. The problem is, our replay has no angle that goes up to correct them. That ring’s in foul ground, which should have been a foul ball, but when they tell me that all four of them couldn’t tell if it hit it or not and where we were, it was obvious that it hit it. So, we were trying to go to replay to correct it and help them out, and replay has no angle that shows that it hit it. It leaves me no course of action to go to replay to correct it, so another flaw in the ballpark.

“It’s been that way for a long time. And a flaw in the replay angle. They just don’t have a camera up there. There’s a lot of places here you’d have to put a camera to correct it, with the many things that happen.

Admittedly I’m not a fan of the Trop – and neither is Buck Showalter. I’ve always said that Oakland is the worst ballpark in the big leagues, but Tampa’s up there. A ball that should have been foul literally couldn’t be seen on replay to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was foul, so the call remained fair. Let that one sink in.

The series continues this evening at Tropicana Field. Miguel Castro is going to get a start out of the bullpen for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Tampa’s Chris Archer. Game time is set for just after 6 PM.

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